The Buncombe County Schools' Foundation Scholarships
for graduating seniors are now available!

Scholarship Applications are due to your Counseling Office
 Friday, March 5, 2021

ALL applications with accompanying documentation must be submitted to your high school counselor by Friday, March 5, 2021.  Scholarships are listed including scholarships determined at the high school or through the Buncombe County Schools Foundation.  To determine the scholarships available to you, click on your high school name.  You will find a Scholarship Packet which includes Scholarship descriptions and a fillable Scholarship Application(s).  These scholarships are sponsored by Buncombe County Schools Foundation and chosen by the Buncombe County Schools Foundation Scholarship Committee. Scholarships chosen by your High School Scholarship Committee or Scholarship Donor are also listed. 

After completing your Application, please print, sign and deliver to your high school counseling office.  Please make certain that you attach the documents listed on the first page of the Scholarship Application. 
Please read through the entire Scholarship Packet to ensure you apply for ALL scholarships which you are eligible.  If you receive a scholarship from BCSF, you will be required to complete a scholarship agreement.   Funds will only be sent to the college or university you are attending, not to you directly.  Unless otherwise noted, scholarships will only be given for students attending an accredited technical school, college or university.
The Buncombe County Schools Foundation reserves the right to modify any award amount, date, or other criteria at any time due to legal, fund, or market conditions.
For more information, contact the Buncombe County Schools Foundation at 828-232-4190 or 828-255-5969 or speak with your Counseling Office at your high school.  Please read all instructions and criteria carefully.  Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committees.
Applications are due to your counseling office Friday, March 5, 2021.  Please make sure you have submitted all the required materials by the correct deadlines. 
Good Luck!