High School Paddison Grant

The Paddison High School Endowment was made possible by a donation to the six traditional high schools through the Buncombe County Schools Foundation after the death of Ms. Ruth Paddison.  The account was created for the use and benefit of these six institutions to enhance educational opportunities for students.  Funds are earmarked to support projects that address the educational needs at each school.  After the initial investment of funds, a trust sub-account for each school was established according to the terms outlined by Ms. Paddison.
Paddison endowment fund requests must be approved by the individual school's grant committee and/or high school principal prior to applying.Your individual high school principal will be able to tell you the amount of funds available to your school each year.
Process:  The schools and the foundation have a review process that must be followed for approval of these grant requests.

              -   Grants must be approved through the individual school grant committee.
              -   Grants must have signed letter of approval from the School Principal.
              -   Grants will then have final evaluation from the Foundation’s Paddison review committee with input from 
                  the Assistant or Associate Superintendent. 
Limitations:  The Paddison Endowment funds will not ordinarily make contributions to support certain requests.  These include but may not be limited to the following:
            -   Overseas travel            -   Shortfalls in operational budgets
            -   Political causes or non-profit causes outside of Buncombe County Schools
            -   Individual teacher scholarships
            -   Athletics
            -   Benevolence funds
            -   Furniture