Christy Cheek named BCSF Executive Director

Christy Cheek Named BCSF Executive Director
Posted on 07/01/2020
Christy Cheek, BCSF Executive Director

I believe that each day provides an opportunity for learning and growing, especially if we keep our ears and minds open.  As a life-long educator with over 31 years of experience with Buncombe County Schools, I believe that education is the great equalizer and provides everyone the power to move forward- if one chooses to do so. 

Growing up in Hendersonville, people never believed me when I said I was raised in the middle of an apple orchard. But that is the truth.  I am the daughter of a teacher and a farmer and very proud of my agriculture roots. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Marketing Education degree from University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I was able to come home to the mountains and teach at Enka High School for 15 years.  Following a dream, I continued my educational experience and earned a Masters in School Administration from Western Carolina University.  I decided to leave the classroom and pursue a career change to administration and was fortunate to work in Central Office administration for Buncombe County Schools for over 16 years.  Through this role, I expanded the Career and Technical Education programs in our school system and provided opportunities and experiences for teachers and students in our county.

I retired in December, 2018 with hopes to continue my educational experiences and broaden my horizons; but more importantly rest and be able to spend time with my family. During my retirement ceremonies, I was very honored to receive the Order of the Long Leaf Pine and have a day officially named after me in Buncombe County- Christy Cheek Day, November 30th. These were both great accomplishments. 

During my retirement, I was also able to spend time learning about post-secondary education at South College and advance my knowledge of workforce development as a staff member with Land of Sky and the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board.  Now, as I am honored to return to the school system that I love and care so deeply about, I am excited to continue my life-long learning experience as the Executive Director for The Buncombe County Schools Foundation. 

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the students, teachers, administrators, and entire staff and work in unison with the school system to promote success for everyone.  I feel my two worlds and loves have now crossed paths and I look forward to being Buncombe County Schools loudest cheerleader and continuing the efforts to ensure students have financial means necessary to continue their post-secondary dreams through the scholarships the Foundation awards.  Also, raising funds for teachers grants so teachers can try new and innovative strategies in their classrooms, whether that is online or face-to-face.

 Also, building and connecting school and community will be a great focus during this first year.  Whether that is through virtual internships or company tours, providing critical information to parents as students prepare for FAFSA completion, or having local leaders reading to classes to promote literacy, introducing apprenticeships to families, etc; building community support will be paramount this school year.

 One thing I know being an educator is it is the most rewarding profession and I am thankful the Foundation Board provided me this opportunity to be here. I am lucky to have the support of my family as I enter this new position.  We are all thankful for many things and I could not do this without their support.

So please remember, students need us more than ever as they are our future.  So, give today and we all will be rewarded tomorrow and in the future.

Christy Cheek
Buncombe County Schools Foundation