Fall 2021 BCSF Newsletter

Fall 2021 BCSF Newsletter
Posted on 08/20/2021
Education shapes the lives of everyone in our community.Featured Photo: The community gathered on June 21 for the BCSF Parade of Progress, celebrating literacy in Buncombe County Schools.

Education shapes the lives of everyone in our community. It enhances knowledge, strengthens skills, and brings about positive change. It is essential to creating economic growth and is a key driver for recruiting business and industry. Buncombe County Schools serve more than 23,000 students from all walks of life. Whether it's a first-grader learning to read or a senior completing a college application, success for each child is different and their needs must be addressed accordingly.

Each year, the Buncombe County Schools Foundation raises funds from public, private and corporate donors to support a range of programs and opportunities designed to give our students and teachers what they need to succeed. We know it takes our entire community to help support these efforts. And that’s why we need you!

Building a Stronger Foundation
With strong facilities, enhanced resources and programs, and world-class educators working to meet students’ needs, our young people can realize opportunities and live better lives. While the school system does an extraordinary job working to meet these needs, it’s no secret that financial gaps still exist. That is where you and the Foundation come in.

Read our Fall 2021 Newsletter (PDF) highlighting our successful events and projects that celebrate our ENTIRE school community! Enjoy!