children singing in choir

BCSF Programs

Sometimes you have to put on your thinking cap to accomplish a goal! At Weaverville Elementary, students pulled out their Leadership Notebooks and reviewed progress on their Wildly Important Goals (WIGS) for "Wig Out Wednesday” (Wig... get it?!). They also made and wore crafty wigs to help them remember that focusing on a goal is a key to accomplishing it! The wigs were also worn during the school’s Leadership Day - a culminating annual event for their Leader in Me program activities.

Principal Heidi Allison explained that a student’s goal might be academic or personal, and their notebook includes charts and graphs to track progress.

“A student may want to learn to ride their bike by June first or increase their reading fluency from 89 to 97 words per minute,” she said. “This is part of our emphasis this year to help students be empowered in their own learning.”