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Teacher Innovation Grants: Expanding teachers' classrooms through enhancements and creativity.

BCS Foundation recognizes and applauds educators' hard work each day to ensure students' success. BCSF Teacher Innovation Grants provide additional funds to help maximize learning in classrooms, grade levels, schools, and/or the school system. All educators are encouraged to apply for grants when the grant cycles open in September and January. Grants are awarded in various amounts depending on the requests.

In 2021-22, the Foundation received over $125,000 in grant requests. The Foundation was able to award 35 grants, totaling $34,845, while $90,000 in requests were not able to be funded.

When you support BCSF grant funding, you help us expand and enhance classroom learning, helping us meet the needs of students and teachers.

Important Application Dates

BCSF Grants 2022-23