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We Invite You To Join Us By Giving The Gift That Will Last A Lifetime - Education!

To support students at every stage of their journey, to assist world-class educators, to ensure a dynamic and innovative school system, the Buncombe County School System counts on your support to raise funds that will expand and extend these opportunities.

All members of our community who have joined in support of the Foundation and its programs are heroes in our eyes. You have helped guide a new generation of scholars, entrepreneurs, workers and community members toward greater and last success. But our work as only begun. We need your help to provide security, resources, and educational opportunities to more students than ever. Your support and belief in the promise of each child is what makes our community so extraordinary.

“Every child has been influenced by a teacher and a teacher exists within a school so when you put funds into a school, a child a student, so it goes into the future. That’s why we do what we do every day. The extra resources lead us to that tomorrow. There should be no “but” that gets in the way of accomplishing what teachers and students need.”

Doris Sellers  

   Principal, North Windy Ridge

Ways of Giving:

By check, online donations, stock donations, etc.

Gifts may be for grants, scholarships, Foundation programs, memorials, celebrations, or may be unrestricted. Any amount is appreciated.

If you are thinking about an Endowment-

Endowments begin at $25,000.

Endowed Funds:

Endowed funds can be for specific schools, programs or scholarships. Endowed Funds have an established agreement on funds are to be managed. Endowed Funds are a great way to give back to the school system.

If you are thinking about giving Stocks or the proceeds from sales of Stock-

Stocks and Stock Sales:

Stock gifts provide funds to the Foundation, especially before the end of the year! Funds may go to a specific program or school or support the Foundation's overall needs. Stock sales are arranged through our Investment Manager, Chad Hardy.

How to give-

BCSF Mailing Address for Checks

BCS Foundation

175 Bingham Road

Asheville, NC 28806


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Thank you for your support!