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Where Education and Workforce Unite!

SMART Scholars is a program to help build the local workforce through Skilled Trades. Think of it as growing our community's workforce. Scholarships help with expenses so graduates can advance their skills and knowledge while they are on the job or in training.

Why is SMART Scholars important?

Skilled trades careers are in high demand and pay great wages. Everyone
is impacted by someone in the skilled trades every day.

Graduates can attend a community college, be an apprentice, or receive on-the-job training. Choose your career and the training platform that is driven by the industry.

Who is SMART Scholars for?

Anyone and Everyone! SMART Scholars combine education and
workforce skills!

SMART Scholars provides:

  • Industry Opportunities that move the workforce forward

  • Education that is career-oriented: Two-year degree, four-year degree,      certification, and credential

  • Workforce experience, on-the-job training, internships,

  • Get to your career quickly and earn while you learn!

Examples of Skilled Trades Careers

Animal Caretaker, Farm Equipment Technician, Farmer, Nursery and Greenhouse Manager, etc.
Carpenter, Electrician, Heating and Cooling Technician, Mason, Plumber
Manufacturing and Industrial
Machinist, Metal Fabricator, Tool and Die Maker, Welder, etc.
Chefs, Food Service Managers, Hair Stylists, Nursing assistants, etc.
Automotive Technician, Diesel Mechanic, Heavy Equipment
Operator, Truck Driver, etc.
And many more careers that need specialized skills!

SMART Scholars Scholarship program opens in mid January.

Smart Scholars