children singing in holiday choir concert

The Learning Society:

Educational Philanthropy Making a Difference in Public Education

Imagine being able to make a difference in students' lives! The Learning Society unites those who believe in public education and the ability of our students to be safe and succeed in today's world. Learning Society members may serve on the scholarship committee, grant committee, development committee, marketing committee, etc. Membership in the Learning Society starts with a $1,000 contribution to help our students and educators. Larger donations are much appreciated. This is an exciting venture for the Foundation, and we invite you to be a part of this unique group.

Thank you to the 2022 Learning Society Inaugural Class Members

Becky Anderson
Dan Anderson
Dr. Tony Baldwin and Dr. Jan Webster

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Beverly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Denniston Crews
Sheila Elinburg and Bob Maxwell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Frederick

Deborah Frisby
Dr. and Mrs. Edgardo Diez
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hodge
Patsy Keever
Rick Manske
Mary Frances McAbee
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Metcalf
Mr. and Mrs. James Oliver
Chip and Kim Plemmons
Robert C. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Shatley
Steve Sizemore
Pat Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steve South
Mike Summey
John Teeter
Karen Tessier
Mr. and Mrs. James Turner
Jason Walls
Glenn W. Wilcox, Sr.
Teresa Van Duyn
Nancy Wright, Surry Insurance