2022 BCSF Scholarships

Buncombe County Schools Foundation Scholarships
for graduating seniors are now available!

Scholarship Applications are due to your Counseling Office
Friday, March 4, 2022

Buncombe County Schools Foundation is pleased to present the 2022 Scholarship Program.  This year we will be using a Student Scholarship Booklet that contains all scholarships through BCSF including those supported by donors specific for specific schools.  You may read the booklet online or download for your convenience. 

Please download the fillable BCSF Application and Scholarship Selection Checklist and return them to your counselor by March 4, 2022.

In addition to the BCSF Application, three scholarships require a separate application. These include:  Buncombe County Chapter School Nutrition Scholarship Application which is open to all schools, the Joshua Webb Cook Memorial Scholarship for Erwin High School students. and the Cassie Rutledge Scholarship for TC Roberson students.

Key points to remember:

  •  Please read through the entire scholarship descriptions and apply for all that you are eligible for. 

  • Please make certain that you attach the documents listed on the first page of the Scholarship Application. 

  •  Please meet the scholarship deadline.

  •  Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committees.

If you receive a scholarship from BCSF, you will be required to complete a scholarship agreement.  This will help us with our bookkeeping.  Funds will only be sent to the college or university you are attending. 

Unless otherwise noted, scholarships will only be given for students attending an accredited technical school, college or university.

The Buncombe County Schools Foundation reserves the right to modify any award amount, date, or other criteria at any time due to legal, fund, or market conditions.

For more information, contact the Buncombe County Schools Foundation at 828-232-4190 or 828-255-5969 or speak with your Counseling Office at your high school. 

Applications are due to your counseling office Friday, March 4, 2022. 

Good Luck!